The Gig Economy & Your Career in Tech | London Oct 18th

On the evening of October 18th Nox Consulting will partner with General Assembly London to run an event about the Gig Economy and your future career in tech.

The Gig Economy is a global mega trend that has grown drastically in the last 5 years. It is predicted that by the year 2020, half of the entire US workforce will work as freelancers. Digitalisation and globalisation are enablers for the Gig Economy, where people choose to be self-employed rather than opting for traditional employment. This applies to everything from finding gigs through apps like Uber and Deliveroo, to building your career by taking on different types of roles at companies.

During this talk, in partnership with NOX Consulting, we will discuss the reasons and drivers behind this trend and explore the consequences for companies, individuals and society. In the future, every company will be a tech company. Finding the right tech people will therefore become crucial across all sectors and industries.

Following the talk will be drinks and networking, so plan to stick around and meet other like-minded individuals!

About the Speaker

Pernilla Ramslov CEO & Co-Founder, NOX Consulting

Pernilla Ramslov is CEO and Joint Founder of NOX Consulting with more than 20 years’ experience in the IT industry. Pernilla is a serial entrepreneur and is truly passionate about Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

NOX Consulting is a freelance network and consulting company, with a network of over 3000 IT professionals in Sweden and the UK. In less than 6 years the company has developed into a highly successful organisation with revenues in excess of 23 million UK Pounds. NOX Consulting is helping drive, shape and add content to the Gig Economy. In August 2017 NOX launched “Gig Economy Year” which, amongst other things, included a book release on how freelancers and entrepreneurs can build their careers in the gig economy. In 2015 Pernilla also founded the NOX Academy that organises Programming Camps for Children.

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